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Guaranteed and proven technology converts virtually all forms of biomass into energy-rich, compact, transportation and storage friendly advanced carbon products.

Carbon is a critical and unique element, the building block of all plant and animal life, and the key to many of man's most important advances.  Due to its diverse physical and chemical properties, carbon is critical to civilization and its uses vary widely. From the production of heat and energy, environmental safety, enhanced materials, and products of many kinds, carbon has proven to be not only essential but versatile.

Most of the earth is covered with various types of biomass - plants, collecting energy from the sun and forming carbon. This carbon can be harvested from renewable biomass sources and converted into fully renewable and available energy, essential to the production of many critical products.

To effectively and efficiently create processes that produce biomass-to-energy chains and optimal carbon products, proven technology and exacting know-how are required.  ACT and its alliance partners provide the consulting and engineering services and the required technology to yield comprehensive, turnkey systems that exceed logistical and economic standards and enable the cost-efficient use of large-scale green energy and green products solutions.

Advanced Carbon Technologies (ACT) provides fully integrated, economically viable, and ready-to-implement technologies - providing worldwide assistance to companies converting biomass to advanced carbon products of many kinds.


ACT's "Carbonization Island" featuring CPEG's Renneburg Technology provides economically viable and ready-to-implement technologies to provide a wide range of advanced carbon solutions.

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