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Green Storage Solutions

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In the worldwide electric energy industry, there is one clear consensus and the highest priority - STORAGE. The effective and efficient storage of electric power enables three critical outcomes: vastly increased benefits from renewable energy (solar and wind), greatly strengthened grid security, and much lower electric costs for all consumers.


How Large is the Requirement?

Wood Mackenzie's latest Global Energy Storage Outlook projects that deployments will grow 13-fold over the next six years, from a 12-gigawatt-hour market in 2018 to a 158-gigawatt-hour market in 2024.

This emerging market represents a huge opportunity. Global investments of $374 billion a year will be needed to upgrade the grid with enough storage flexibility to account for the variable power generation profiles of renewable technologies like solar and wind. Storage solutions are now a growing part of this energy transition and will represent a $150 billion industry in the U.S. alone by 2023.


The GSS Answer

After years of research and experience, Green Storage Solutions (GSS) has organized a suite of storage solutions that meet every customer's storage requirements - from partial grid improvements to comprehensive 100% green solutions. Where practical, GSS' storage solutions include the unique and economically beneficial elimination of troublesome coal ash liabilities. This innovation results in storage solutions at minimal or negative upfront costs to its traditional electric utility customers. The GSS PSA (Power Storage Agreement) allows qualified electric utilities and renewable power suppliers to enjoy major upfront and continuing economic advantages.


For more information and to obtain a storage plan that is right for your situation, contact: T. Larry Amick/ CEO at or 919-949-4822

Green Storage Solutions, LLC (GSS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced Carbon Technologies, LLC.


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