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Advanced Carbon Technologies is the exclusive worldwide representative for Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing's Biomass Carbonization Systems. Learn more about Heyl Patterson's process HERE

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Rotary Calciners

Rotary Calciners process hundreds of materials that are fine and dusty, sensitive to oxidation, combustible, explosive, potentially contaminating or thermally sensitive. Guaranteeing complete segregation of the heat source and the product through indirect heating,


the Rotary Calciner is ideal for processing catalysts, chemicals, hydrocarbons, activated carbon, yellowcake, and PET flakes, as well as for biomass torrefaction or carbonization.


Built to your unique specifications, or designed by our engineers to exceed your specific application requirements, each Rotary Calciner can be rigorously tested at our Pilot Plant Testing Facility before the final design is implemented. We also offer fluid bed calciners for our customer’s other specifications.

Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers

Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing manufactures some of the largest and most efficient Fluid Bed Dryers in the world for free-flowing materials such as minerals, chemical, plastics, hemp & wood products, grains and waste.


Materials are suspended in a rising flow of air or gas using an energy efficient fluidizing method that causes the material to act like a fluid which provides a high rate of heat transfer while gently handling the solids. It also provides lower capital equipment and operating costs as a result of its efficiencies.


Offered in three types, Trough-Type Fluid Bed, Circular Type Fluid Bed, and Vibrating, each unit can incorporate a standalone or integral cooler to reduce the material temperature after drying.

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Rotary Dryers and Coolers

Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing Rotary Dryers and Coolers are some of the most versatile rotary dryers and coolers available and are considered the workhorses of the powder and bulk solids processing industry.


Able to effectively handle a broad range of material, including powder and bulk solids and liquid sludges, the Rotary Dryer can be specified according to starting and final moisture content, product temperature, drying air temperature, air velocity, and retention time of the material – in order to meet and exceed your specific application requirements.


Based upon your needs, several different cooling design options are also available, including counter-current air swept, internal and external water-cooled, or a combination of air and water-cooled.

Flash Dryers and Coolers

The Heyl Patterson Flash Dryer is used for drying high moisture, temperature-sensitive material, including chemicals, minerals, sludge, food stuffs, plastics, gypsum and pre-drying hemp & wood fibers, with high thermal efficiency.


Using the principle of selective processing, this unit ensures that every particle’s resistance time is proportional to its size and weight, resulting in a high quality product that’s free of physical and chemical degradation. We also offer a Rotacurrent and Venturijet design.

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